What We Heard on the NGO Regulatory Bill

What We Heard on the NGO Regulatory Bill

We would like to acknowledge the contributions of the legislature, third sector leaders and actors, civil society organizations, concerned individuals and media organizations who lent their voices to the discourse on the NGO Regulatory Commission Bill (HB585) either through advocacy, press releases, online articles, social media posts as well as engagement meetings with relevant authorities. This document echoes your thoughts, knowledge, experience and openness.

We are grateful for your insight and the work done regarding this bill. Though we may not agree on all issues and may hold varying positions especially in the ongoing debate around the Bill, ultimately, we share a common goal which is to bring development to the doors of the common man and progress to our nation.

For the Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO), it became imperative that a publication such as this is produced to document the opinions, voices and thoughts of all involved in this discourse creating a situation where the different positions advanced for or against the Bill can be established, measured subjectively and properly documented for stakeholder learning and engagement.

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